About EarthyMamma

EarthyMamma is founded by Dalal and her husband Ali. They wanted to feed their family the best produce available, this wasn’t possible living in the northern suburbs of Melbourne as the options were lacking.

With four kids, one being anaphylactic and the other suffering from Juvenile Arthritis, elderly parents to look after, after school activities and sports games to attend, hospital appointments, and 2 full time jobs between the both of them it was proving a lot harder to get organic groceries or visit farmers markets, heck it was hard to even get to the local supermarket.

From this frustration EarthyMamma was born. We are eating the freshest certified organic produce available to us and it is delivered right to your doorstep 24 hours after it has been harvested. Dalal is passionate about cooking, hiding veggies in the kids meals, and mum hacks which she shares on Instagram daily. So what are you waiting for? Come join our family, we’d love to have you.