Easy 4-Step Process

How it Works

1  Pick Your Box

Decide if you would like to purchase a seasonal box which contains hand-picked produce that is in season or if you'd like to build your own box.

2a  Build Your Own

Select the produce you want and add it to your cart.

2b  Seasonal Box

Select the seasonal box that suits your needs. You can add two swaps if needed.

3  Complete Your Purchase

Add any extra groceries or produce you might need such as eggs, milk and bread. Select your shipping or pickup location and check out, and your preferred pick up date too.

4  Track Your Purchase

Your order will be packed and delivered to you or your selected pickup point. An sms or email will be sent when your order has left our warehouse with tracking. All Warehouse pickup orders are ready by 10am. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order?
Ordering is so easy! We have created a detailed description under the 'how it works' page
When do we need to order by?
Orders must be placed by Sunday 5pm or Wednesday 5pm. None of the produce is stored, its all freshly collected on Monday and Thursday morning from the market and farms, brought to our warehouse and packed straight into your orders.
When do you deliver?
If you have placed your order before the cut off time you will receive your box of goodness between 1-7pm on a Monday/Thursday depending on your location. If your order is placed after the cut of time it will be delivered the following week as specified at the checkout.
Do you recycle boxes?
Yes!! We can only recycle our brown boxes with our logo on it or foam boxes. If they are in good condition please feel free to return them back to our warehouse.
Why are certain things not available at the moment?
The Certified Organics industry is quite new but is growing at a rapid speed. We can only sell seasonal produce as that is what’s available to us. Some methods like glasshouses are used to grow something ‘out of season’ but generally we eat as mother nature intended. Occasionally we have to knock back produce if the quality isn't up to scratch too.
Can I pick up my order?
Yes you sure can, just select EarthyMamma warehouse pickup at the checkout. It is your responsibility to collect your box in a timely fashion, especially as the weather warms up the produce will not remain fresh if left until the next day. We take ZERO responsibility if your produce is stolen, damaged or not in good condition if your box is not collected on Monday evening.
What is the address of the pickup points?
EarthyMamma warehouse - 72 Ricky way Epping
How does warehouse pickup work?
We do offer warehouse pickup between 10- 2pm. Our address is 72 Ricky Way Epping. You will receive an SMS when your order is ready for collection. If your order is not collected by 2pm, it will be left outside our warehouse for collection with 24 hour access.
What is in the box each week?
Each week’s produce will vary depending on what’s in season, what’s in stock, what is fresh and what the weather has done to the crops and farms. Please sign up to our newsletter and every Friday at 6pm we will send out an email and update our website to give you an idea what will be the in the boxes. Seasonal boxes are subject to last minute change. Otherwise, you can see underneath each product description.
Can I customize my seasonal box?
We do allow up to 2 swaps per box, just use the checkbox system to indicate what you'd like more and less off. However, you can create your own fruit and veg box from the items available on our website.
Can I buy a box for a gift?
Yes. Please leave us a note when your order and we can write the recipient a card on your behalf.
Will I get exactly what I ordered?
Not all the time. There are many factors that affect your order which may include supplier stock levels, quality issues or cancellation by the supplier.
How much is delivery?
Delivery is a flat rate fee of $9.95 for orders within 15kms of our warehouse. Delivery is a flat rate fee of $13 for orders further than 15kms of our warehouse There is an additional $3.50 fee for orders that require specialised packaging for cold items.
Do I have to be home when my order is delivered?
No, we know there are school kids to drop off, people to see, places to be. We understand that you will not always be home to accept the delivery. Our driver will leave your box out of the shade at your front door. We have award winning tracking of your delivery set up. You will get a tracking code when the order is on board with the driver, with live tracking, ETA and you can communicate with the driver too. Please note that we are not responsible for any unexpected damage or theft to your order when left in the nominated area. We do recommend your order be taken in and properly stored as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee the quality of items that are not properly stored within this period. All our delivery drivers take a photo of the delivered order once delivered.
Do you deliver to my area?
We deliver to most of the  suburbs of Melbourne twice a week. Please check the ‘delivery areas’ tab before ordering. We are a new company and will be expanding as we grow, so please send us an email if your area is not listed.
Why does the fruit/veg look different, is not a perfect circle or straight like the shops, is smaller/bigger than the shops etc.?
This is the nature of organics and how produce should actually look. The short version is that much non-organic, unprocessed or minimally processed produce is treated with a variety of growth-enhancing substances and is also commonly subjected to grading and quality standards (voluntarily), while organic produce is not. Organic produce is grown as nature has intended it to be.
How do I know the produce is organic?
Please feel free to email us for confirmation and a copy of certificates.
Is it all certified organic?
99% of our produce is Certified Organic or biodynamic. The other 1% organic in conversion.
Do you wear gloves while handling the produce?
Yes, absolutely. All our staff are trained with food handling certificates.
Where do you get the produce from?
We source it from certified organic farmers, as well as wholesale organic suppliers at the Melbourne Markets.
I seem to be missing something from my box?
Please send us an email and photo of your box/item within 24hrs and we will organize a credit note or replacement. No claims will be honoured past the 24hr period.
Are the items all weighed because my friend got more of something than me?
Yes! unless they are packets or individual products such as a melon or pineapple. Do keep in mind that the produce is all different shapes and sizes so it may appear that a friend got more than you. Rest assured everything is weighed.
My box last week looked bigger than this weeks?
Each week the price of the produce changes drastically, also the actual height and width of the box varies due to the boxes being different each week. We work hard to create boxes that are value packed.
How much does shipping cost?
Delivery is a flat rate fee of $9.95 for orders within 15kms of our warehouse. Delivery is a flat rate fee of $13 for orders further than 15kms of our warehouse There is an additional $3.50 fee for orders that require packaging for cold items.
Can we come past and shop for ourselves?
Absolutely, we have a sister store operating from Epping called Snap Organics. 72 Ricky Way Epping We are open Monday-Saturday 9.30-2.30pm
What's your Refund/exchange policy?
We are happy when you are happy. If you are unhappy with a product or our service we will exchange or credit the value of the item or service. Refunds are only applicable if we are notified within 24 hours from time of delivery.